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The Illinois Constitution allows for the creation of 708 Boards, based on the passage of a referendum by voters in the area to be served. (The term 708 refers to the section of the Constitution that describes these boards their duties, composition, and responsibilities.) Hanover Township was one of only a few Cook County townships to do so and the Hanover Township Mental Health Board has been in existence since 1977. 

The Board is composed of volunteers ordinary citizens who ve chosen to become part of the process of providing services to people with developmental disabilities like Down Syndrome, mental illness or substance abuse. The Board generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month helping our elected officials find ways to provide Township residents with services they need but may not have access to on their own. Board members come from all parts of the Township and we all have different family and job situations, and the one thing that ties us together is a commitment to using the tax dollars you provide to benefit the greatest number of people. 

The Board manages the Hanover Township Community Resource Center, located in the industrial park west of Barrington Road It funds a number of agencies that provide direct services to Township residents whether those services involve counseling, job training, transportation, or treatment. In other sections of this website, you ll find information about several current projects. The Board sponsors or co-sponsors a number of public information programs designed to let more people know about the services that are available. 

Interestingly enough, the Board does all of this in relative anonymity. Most residents don't know it exists. Even fewer know the names of the volunteers who serve without compensation on the Board. Still fewer have ever attended a Mental Health Board meeting. While the Board prefers that more people become involved in what it does, that might not be possible, and that s okay. The Board just wants you to know that it is working so that if you, or a member of your family, should ever find yourself in need of services, you ll know that you have a group of neighbors committed to making sure that those services are available conveniently, right here in Hanover Township.