The Hanover Township Food Pantry is run solely on donations from the community and financial contributions to the Hanover Township Foundation. Make a donation today!

Our Outreach and Prevention staff provide programs and services designed to increase positive alternatives for youth, especially those at risk of school failure and delinquency.  Working in partnership with the schools, police, park districts, and volunteers, our programs and services are designed to increase healthy behaviors/problem solving skills, improve school/community performance/connections and increase participants understanding of differences that they experience at school and their community.  All programs and services utilize a Positive Youth Development framework, which challenges participants to flourish developmentally and socially.  Restorative Practices are also utilized to increase participants accountability for their actions, understanding of group processes, and to empower a sense of safety and community.

Community Collaboration 

Our department staff have collaborative relationships with township schools, police departments, villages, juvenile probation, park districts, social service providers, and Universities to provide comprehensive services in many settings.  We welcome a partnership with township providers who have an interests in serving youth and families within the Township.  If you are interested in a possible collaboration in programming or services, please contact John Parquette, LCSW at  (630) 483-5799 or at