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Outpatient Family Therapy

Family Therapy provides families the opportunity to foster healthy connections, increase problem solving skills, decrease stress levels, create shared understandings, and increase communication between members in a safe space.  Our Master level therapists work in collaboration with parents and their children to determine the focus, goals and outcomes of therapy.  Examples of stressors that can benefit from family therapy include feelings of being overwhelmed as a parent, fearful or aggressive behavior in a child, delinquency or acting-out in children or teens, poor school performance, marital conflict, and feelings of hopelessness or a grief reaction in the family to name a few.

Families who live in Hanover Township and have at least one child (ages 0-19) are eligible for family therapy services.  Fees for therapy sessions are charge based on a sliding scale basis.  A free screening appointment can be scheduled if you think you can benefit from this service.  Please call us at (630) 483-5799 for further information.

Comments from families who have utilized family therapy services:

"We have changed a lot!  We listen and hear each other instead of yelling like we did in the past."

"My daughter has been doing way better than when we started therapy...her confidence has improved and she uses the skills learned to handle everyday problems better."

"My relationship with my children and husband  is a lot stronger now...we find more time to enjoy ourselves as a family now."

"I have seen my son more calm and better able to accept situations outside of his control."

"This has been our first time in therapy and it has been very helpful."


Family Therapy Forms:

Once you get in contact with your therapist, you will need to download and complete the First Session Forms in either English or Spanish by your first scheduled session. Please speak with your therapist for any questions you may have. The first session forms include: Family History Questionnaire, Informed Consent/Confidentiality, and Notice of Privacy Practices.

Una vez que se ponga en contacto con su terapeuta, deberá descargar y completar los documentos de la primera sesión en inglés o español para su primera sesión programada. Hable con su terapeuta para cualquier pregunta que pueda tener. Los documentos de la primera sesión incluyen: Questionario de Historia Familiar, Consentimiento Informado / Confidencialidad y Aviso de Prácticas de Privacidad.


Psychiatric Evaluation

Sometimes in the course of therapy services a need for psychiatric evaluation for a family member arises.  Through a linkage agreement with Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Outpatient Group Practice in Hoffman Estates, the therapist can refer a child, adolescent, or parent for psychiatric evaluation.  The cost of the visit and any follow-up visits not covered by the client's insurance can be subsidized by the Township.  This valuable service is possible through funding from the Hanover Township Mental Health Board.

Support Groups

Staff develop informative and support groups for children, adolescents, parents, and families.  Common goals are to provide small, safe environments for participants to get information and discuss issues relevant to the group members.  Specific goals are designed to meet the needs of specific groups.  These groups are usually time-limited, and are offered either in school-based or community-based sites.  If you are in need of a support group or an informative group, please feel free to contact us at (630) 483-5799. 

English/Spanish Speaking Services

Bicultural, Bilingual, English/Spanish speaking staff are available to speak with callers, provide family therapy, outreach and prevention services, and participate in community programs.