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Health Insurance

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All Social Services staff are trained Counselors through the Illinois Department on Aging Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) and can provide information or referrals on the following topics:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Access to Care, County Care
  • Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities
  • Veterans Care
  • Medicare Part C (Advantage Plans)
  • Medicare Part D
    •  Evaluation and enrollment assistance

In addition to staff, a volunteer is available twice per month to help with Medicare-related questions or general information if you will become eligible for Medicare soon.

Please keep in mind that staff members are not licensed to sell insurance in Illinois.  Caseworkers provide unbiased, free information on various insurance options.

Are you confused by all the information regarding the Affordable Care Act? Take a look at this video that explains what the new health program means for you and the millions of residents without coverage. If you have questions about ACA or would like information, please contact the office of Community Health at 630-483-5665.