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Therapy & Psychiatric Services

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Program Summary and Eligibility

Communities Helping Others Persevere Everyday (C-HOPE) is a collaborative mental health program offered at the Hanover Township Senior Center.  Individual counseling/therapy and psychiatric medication management are available. Services are offered at no charge to clients.  In order to qualify, a client must:

  • Reside in Hanover Township
  • Be at least 55 years of age
  • Complete an intake assessment


Therapy Services

Trish Abbey, LCSW
C-Hope Therapist
(630) 483-5660

Jenny Mantis, LCSW
C-Hope Therapist
(630) 483-5660

Services are provided in a welcoming, comfortable setting at the Hanover Township Senior Center.  Currently, services are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  We courage you to contact our staff to discuss your needs and for referral options if these days are not convenient.

Clinicians can help people process change and learn coping skills.  Trish Abbey, LCSW, explains, “As a C-Hope therapist, I work with clients to find ways to manage emotions, find new sources of joy and purpose, and deal with issues such as life adjustments, stress, anxiety, depression, and family/relationship concerns.”

C-Hope Therapist, Jenny Mantis describes her philosophy in working with clients: “With compassion and sensitivity, my goal is to inspire hope, healing, and personal growth while improving the quality of life.”

We also receive feedback from our clients through an ongoing basis.  Some of the comments we’ve received from clients include,

“My anxiety has diminished and I’m learning to set boundaries better.”

“I feel good here.”

“[I’ve] learned skills to deal with my stress.  [It’s] so helpful to have someone listening to me.  [I] feel empowered.”


Psychiatric Services

The C-HOPE program recognizes that a need for psychiatric services may emerge during the course of regular participation in C-Hope therapy.  Through a linkage agreement with Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Outpatient Group Practice in Hoffman Estates, the therapist can refer a client for evaluation. 

The group practice will bill a client’s insurance (if any).  Any costs for initial evaluation or follow-up visits, not covered by insurance, will be provided by the grant. 

Support Groups

Please keep in mind, if you are a caregiver, there is a support group that meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 10:30 AM.  Please click here for more information.  If you are a person with a memory loss concern or recently diagnosed with memory impairment, we also have a monthly “Caring for Your Memory” support group which meets on the third Friday of each month at 10:30 AM.


Funding and Partnership

The C-HOPE program is funded by the Hanover Township Mental Health Board through an annual grant.  The program is offered in partnership with Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Outpatient Group Practice in Hoffman Estates.  Hanover Township Senior Services provides in-kind support.  Master’s level interns from local universities and with a passion for serving older adults also provide support to the program as well.



Contact us today for additional information or to be screened for services.  You can contact a Social Services caseworker at 630-483-5660 who will provide additional information and obtain referral information.  We look forward to serving you.