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The Hanover Township Mental Health Board ensures that services in the area of mental health, including developmental disabilities, addictions and substance abuse, are available to all residents of Hanover Township.

The Hanover Township Mental Health Board has been in existence since 1977, after the voters of Hanover Township passed a referendum to allow for the creation of a 708 Board. The term 708 refers to the section of the Illinois Constitution that describes these boards and their duties, compositions and responsibilities.

The Mental Health Board is composed of volunteers from the community that are appointed by the Hanover Township Supervisor and Board of Trustees. The Mental Health Board is responsible for allocating funding each year to support services and programming for residents of Hanover Township in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse. This year approximately one million dollars was awarded to 30 area agencies who collectively serve over 3,000 residents.

Agencies have an opportunity to apply for annual funding once a year and to apply for specialty funding through the year. Special funding opportunities include staff development, capital, emergency and new program funding. The board strives to assist agencies in providing direct and comprehensive services that can be easily accessed by residents of Hanover Township.

Every three years, the board completes a community needs assessment in order to stay on top of the needs within the community. The results dramatically impact the Mental Health Board's goals and funding priorities each year.

The Mental Health Board is also responsible for managing the Hanover Township Community Resource Center located at 1535 Burgundy Parkway in Streamwood. The Resource Center serves as a satellite office to 6 funded agencies that provide direct services to Township residents including counseling, treatment, group therapy, education and/or case management.

The Mental Health Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM in the Town Hall, unless otherwise noted. Note the Mental Health Board does not meet in the months of June and July.