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The Facilities & Road Maintenance Department ensures proper administration of the Township’s buildings and grounds, including seven Township facilities. The department is responsible for custodial services, room and event set up, repair, construction and renovation of all Township buildings and fleet maintenance.  The department also maintains the Township’s three open space Reserves.

Additionally, the department is responsible for all roads and bridges in the Township that are not on State or County right-of-way or within the corporate limits of municipalities. State law requires townships to maintain their unincorporated roadways. The goal of the department is to provide the best possible road surfaces at the most economical expense to our constituency.

The department and Township have the same boundaries encompassing approximately 36 square miles. This area stretches south of the DuPage County line and north to the Northwest Tollway, and from Barrington Road on the east to its western border at the Kane County line.

Among the duties of the Township: constructing and maintaining roads and bridges; snow and ice removal, removing debris, downed trees, and dead animals from the roadway; storage of district tools and equipment; and installation and maintenance of traffic signs. The Township also approves all driveway permits in the unincorporated area.

In addition, the department provides free chipping of residents' brush and branches, and free wood chips for unincorporated residents. The department mows the unincorporated right-of-ways to prevent the spread of noxious weeds and improve the appearance of the roadside. The department also recently enrolled in the Cook County Community Service Program. This allows the Township to use individuals needing to provide community service hours to help us at no cost to our residents.

The department is on call 24 hours a day to respond to snow, ice, flooding, accidents, illegal dumping, and other emergencies.

Application for Construction Permit to Work On or to Township Roads and Rights of Ways.