The Hanover Township Food Pantry is run solely on donations from the community and financial contributions to the Hanover Township Foundation. Make a donation today!


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Volunteers make a difference!  Without trained and organized volunteers, local government cannot properly respond to or recover from the impacts of large disasters.

Hanover Township Emergency Services is accepting applications for volunteer emergency services personnel.  Hanover Township Emergency Services Volunteers are people just like you, who offer their time and talent to make the jurisdictions within Hanover Township  a better place in which to live and work.  The one thing that they have in common is a desire to give something back to their community.  Our Volunteers participate in the following activities:

  • Emergency Services TrainingHTES Volunteer
  • Severe Weather Monitoring
  • Traffic Control
  • Neighborhood Patrol
  • Special Community Events
  • Communications
  • Emergency Scene Lighting
  • Emergency Operations Center Support
  • Emergency Preparedness Education
  • Search and Rescue (State Validated team)

All volunteers will be trained, issued uniforms and an Identification badge and will be utilized for preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation efforts.

Join us today and make a difference!

To apply as a volunteer, please click here or for more information on the volunteer requirements contact us at (630) 837-0301.

 Downed Branches  Weather spotting  Diamond Tornado