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The Hanover Township Emergency Services Unit is trained to respond to a wide range of emergencies and non-emergency events to either assist primary emergency responders or operate independently in times of natural and man made disasters. This dedicated group of professional volunteers exist to provide a properly equipped, trained and ready unit to assist Hanover Township residents and the public safety agencies that serve them.

During the spring and summer months the unit will activate during severe weather watches and warnings to serve as weather spotters to provide notification of tornado activity.  Members of the unit are trained by the National Weather Service as storm spotters and deploy in marked vehicles to various areas of the township to monitor storm activity.  The unit is equipped with portable pumps and generators to assist residents, when requested, to deal with flooded basements which often result after heavy rain falls.  In addition, the unit provides un-incorporated subdivisions within Hanover Township with an extra set of eyes during the summer months, and each emergency services vehicle is able to talk via two-way radio directly to the Cook County Sheriff’s office to report suspicion activity.

When requested by the one of the law enforcement or fire departments serving Hanover Township the Emergency Services Unit is able to assist with traffic control, scene security, emergency scene lighting, first aid services, clearing of storm damage from roadways and manpower assistance for a number of other task.  The performance of these types of duties allows public safety agencies to free up their personnel for other responses quicker. Township Emergency Services personnel are dispatched via DUCOMM.

The unit is committed to educating the residents of Hanover Township on the importance of disaster and emergency preparedness as is available to give presentations to neighborhood, civic, church and service groups on a variety of preparedness topics.  To schedule a presentation please contact the Emergency Services Office.

The Hanover Township Emergency Services Unit through a variety of mutual aid agreements, the Cook County Emergency Management Agency and the State of Illinois Emergency Management Agency will also respond to other communities request for emergency and non-emergency assistance.


Flood Water Removal

The Hanover Township Department of Emergency Services is trained and equipped to assist residents with basement pump-outs as a result of severe weather. To utilize this service, residents are asked to contact the 24/7 duty office at 630-532-7713.