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The Hanover Township Clerk's Office provides fast, courteous service to Township residents, Board members, other departments and citizens through the most modern and cost effective methods available; and maintains the township records in a systematic, orderly, logically organized. and accessible manner.

The Township Clerk is an elected Township official which the name itself sets forth, "Clerk.” The Township Clerk is the clerk for the Township Board, a non-voting Board member, except in the case of a tie vote to fill a vacancy on the Township Board. The Township Clerk is keeper of all Township records, except for active General Assistance cases. The Clerk is required to keep accurate records of all Township Board meetings and maintains records of the Board's Executive (closed) Sessions.

The position of Clerk is especially important as it pertains to the maintenance of records. The integrity and accuracy of the Clerk is important in any court action involving the Township's official records. The Clerk's office is a link between each governmental agency and the citizenry.    

The Hanover Township Clerk also serves as the Freedom of Information Officer, making sure that requests for information are prepared and distributed in a timely manner.

The Clerk is the ex-officio Clerk for the Highway Commissioner. As ex-officio Clerk, the Township Clerk maintains all records for the Highway Commissioner. The Clerk must witness bid openings for both the Township and Road District. The Clerk must countersign all Road District orders for payment prior to audit or approval by the Township Board. The Clerk delivers all approved claims for payment to the Supervisor. While these are statutory duties of the Clerk, Hanover Township no longer has a Road District. Those duties are now the responsibility of Township Administration.