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Census 2020

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Census 2020


The census is an essential tool in our system of government. Many of the most important decisions made by government are based on the information that is provided by the census and its accompanying community surveys.

Key Facts about the Census

  •  The census establishes the foundation for fair political representation because the population count serves as a basis for apportioning seats in the House of Representatives as drawing district boundaries and other elected positions, including city councils, school boards, and some municipal offices.

  • Congress uses the data collected by the census to allocate funds fr federal grant programs, including grants for highway and transportation projects, rural electrification, natural disaster recovery, education, public health serves, and medicaid and supplemental nutrition programs (SNAP). 

  • The census questions can include anything ranging from age, gender, race, income, and much more. It is especially important to fill the survey out to the best of your ability to provide the most accurate description of who lives in the household on the particular date. Questions on citizenship, residency, and immigration status are not reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.