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The Hanover Township Mental Health Board ensures that services in the area of mental health, including developmental disabilities, addictions and substance abuse, are available to all residents of Hanover Township.

The Mental Health Board

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Annual Grant Applications Now Available!!

Grant applications for Fiscal Year 2017 (April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017) are now available. Each year the Mental Health Board provides approximately $1 million in funding to agencies serving Hanover Township residents in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse intervention and prevention.Please see the annual grant application timeline below.

Fiscal Year 2017 Grant Application

Fiscal Year 2017 Grant Application Guidelines

FY 17 Grant Application Timeline

  • June 25, 2015 - FY17 Applications available
  • September 18, 2015 - FY17 Application Due Date
  • October 27, 2015 - FY17 Grant Hearings
  • January 2016 - Funding Decisions
  • April 1, 2016 - Start of FY17 Funding Cycle

Please email kvana@hanover-township.org with any questions.

Mental Health Board Background Information

When you made the decision to live in Hanover Township, you probably looked at all sorts of pros and cons. One thing probably not considered in the decision-making process was the presence of a Mental Health Board in the Township.

Every time you pay your real estate taxes, you get an itemized list of each of the taxing bodies that make up the total bill. Some people read this list religiously; others just look at the total. Few, however, fully understand the references to the Mental Health Board what it is, what it does, and why you re lucky to have one in Hanover Township.
The Illinois Constitution allows for the creation of 708 Boards, based on the passage of a referendum by voters in the area to be served. (The term 708 refers to the section of the Constitution that describes these boards their duties, composition, and responsibilities.) Hanover Township was one of only a few Cook County townships to do so and the Hanover Township Mental Health Board has been in existence since 1977.
The Board is composed of volunteers ordinary citizens who ve chosen to become part of the process of providing services to people with developmental disabilities like Down Syndrome, mental illness or substance abuse. The Board generally meets on the third Tuesday of the month helping our elected officials find ways to provide Township residents with services they need but may not have access to on their own. Board members come from all parts of the Township and we all have different family and job situations, and the one thing that ties us together is a commitment to using the tax dollars you provide to benefit the greatest number of people.
The Board manages the Hanover Township Community Resource Center, located in the industrial park west of Barrington Road It funds a number of agencies that provide direct services to Township residents whether those services involve counseling, job training, transportation, or treatment. In other sections of this website, you ll find information about several current projects. The Board sponsors or co-sponsors a number of public information programs designed to let more people know about the services that are available.
Interestingly enough, the Board does all of this in relative anonymity. Most residents don't know it exists. Even fewer know the names of the volunteers who serve without compensation on the Board. Still fewer have ever attended a Mental Health Board meeting. While the Board prefers that more people become involved in what it does, that might not be possible, and that s okay. The Board just wants you to know that it is working so that if you, or a member of your family, should ever find yourself in need of services, you ll know that you have a group of neighbors committed to making sure that those services are available conveniently, right here in Hanover Township.

 Information and Referral

The Mental Health Board provides funding for over 33 local agencies who collectively serve over 4,000 Township residents each year.  The Board works with these agencies to develop a comprehensive and coordinated system of program delivery and to ensure that Township residents have access to vital services.

The Mental Health Board connects residents with services, programs, or support groups based on the individuals needs.  If you are a resident of Hanover Township looking for information about mental health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse intervention or prevention services in the area, please contact the Mental Health Board staff at (630) 837-0301.  Staff will work to connect residents with resources in the area, provide referrals, and answer any additional questions. 

Special Grant Opportunities

The Mental Health Board provides four different grant opportunities to agencies serving Hanover Township residents with programs focusing on mental health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, intervention and prevention.  The four grant opportunities are as follows: Challenge grant (new program grant), Capital Grant, Staff Development Grant, and Emergency Funding.  These grants are available throughout the fiscal year in coordination with the Mental Health Board monthly meeting dates and are subject to the availability of funds.  To inquire about special grant opportunities, request limits, and submission guidelines please contact the Mental Health Board Manager at mhb@hanover-township.org or by calling (630) 837-0301.