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Summer Open Gym starts on Monday, June 5! Click here for a full schedule.

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2017 Spring Tutoring Services Program Has Started – Sign Up Now!

If you are worrying about your child’s grades…now is the time to secure a tutoring slot.  Don’t bargain with your worry about your child’s schooling.  Put the worry to rest, sign your child up today and see what a little extra instruction and support can do!   We only have a few slots left – sign your child up now before it is too late.

If you are concerned about your child’s school performance, additional academic help can make a difference.  Hanover Township offers a professional and affordable Tutoring Services Program that will provide support, instruction and mastery of your child’s academics.  Our tutors are certified primary and secondary teachers who specialize in supportive instruction and skill mastery.  Your child’s grades and self-confidence will improve. 

Our tutors can also help your child if they are struggling with homework habits, organizational skills and study skills.  Also, we give your child the advantage of meeting with the same tutor throughout the semester.  Our small tutoring groups encourage questions and teach students how they learn best and at their own pace. The tutoring session involves a tutor and a maximum of 4 students.  Our tutors use today’s teaching methods which are used in School District U-46 schools. Students, who attend regularly and bring their school materials/assignments to each session improve in academic performance and become more self-confident.

The Tutoring Services Program meets on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings (depending on your child’s time slot) at Streamwood High School, Sabre Center, 701 W. Schaumburg Road, Streamwood, IL 60107.  The fee is $45.00 per child.  Students must live in Hanover Township (the Cook County portion of Bartlett, Streamwood, Hanover Park, Elgin, Schaumburg, or Hoffman Estates) and must be in Grades 2 through 12.  Out-of-Township residents can call (630) 483-5799 for more information.  All parents/guardians for 2nd through 8th grade students must remain in the building during the tutoring sessions.  To sign your child up, please feel free to contact us at 630-483-5799.  Don’t wait – space is limited!


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What comes to your mind when you think of spring?  Do you think of birds, grass starting to grow and the flowers beginning to bloom?  Or do you think about some fun, free activities for your children when they are off school due to spring break?  If that’s the case, Youth and Family Services’ Spring Break Open Gym Program is the place for your children. 

Our Open Gym Program will be offered for four days during the upcoming school spring break:  Monday, March 27 at Bartlett Elementary, Tuesday, March 28 at Parkwood Elementary, Wednesday, March 29 at Huff Elementary and Thursday, March 30 at Tefft Middle School. Our sites will offer your child the opportunity to participate in recreational, social and educational activities, plus arts and crafts, games and reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and engage with our fun and caring staff.   

This year we are offering your child some special events that are sure to be fun and engaging throughout the week.   The Open Gym Ice Cream Eating Contest will be offered at Bartlett Elementary.  How fast can your child eat a bowl of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and sprinkles without using their hands?  Have them come and challenge their friends to see who can eat the fastest bowl of ice cream!  Mad Science will be performing an interactive and captivating science show at Parkwood Elementary from 2-3 p.m.  This science education show will leave your child with a better understanding about science while sparking their curiosity and creativity in amazing ways!  Face painting and fun cooking demonstrations will take place at Huff Elementary.  Have your child learn how to cook without using a stove while they develop their culinary skills and learning how to make healthy food that is tasty!  The littles ones will love to have their face painted too.   If your child didn’t get enough cooking at Huff Elementary, our cooking demonstrations will also be offered at Tefft Middle School.  Also at Tefft, DJ Reggie will be spinning all the current hits plus digging deep into his vinyl collection to play the old school Open Gym dance hits for all to enjoy!

This free program will be held on Monday, March 27 at Bartlett Elementary School, 111 North Avenue in Bartlett, for ages 5-14; Tuesday, March 28 at Parkwood Elementary School, 2150 Laurel Street in Hanover Park, for ages 5-14; Wednesday, March 29 at Huff Elementary School, 801 Hastings Street in Elgin, for ages 5-14 and Thursday, March 30 at Tefft Middle School, 1100 Shirley Avenue in Streamwood, for ages 5-18.  All Open Gym sites will be open from 12PM-4PM.  Please note that registration is required for the Huff Elementary location – our capacity at this site is 50 youth participants…so don’t miss out; call ASAP to secure a spot for your child!  For more information about our Spring Break Open Gym Program, or for information on registering your child for our After School Open Gym Program, please contact Jimmy Mix, Program Coordinator, at 630-483-5799 or  


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Why Depression Spikes in the Spring 

While we have recently broken records because of our unseasonably warm weather and springtime is just around the corner, not everyone feels cheerful about this.  For some people this season can be especially tough. 

Some people believe that feeling low and sad during this time of the year is due to having seasonal affective disorder; a disorder associated with winter, but warmer temperatures and brighter days aren’t always enough to lift the blues.  Also, seeing cheery people during this time can be a constant reminder that others are having a good time when you are not. 

Here at Hanover Township Youth and Family Services we also see a spike in those seeking services during the spring months.  “We don’t really know why”, said Dr. Michelle Riba, professor and associate director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center.  Dr. Riba suggests that there are social influences that can bring a person down during this time of the year as people are going on vacations and some groups may be disbanding for the season.  Those suffering from depression may be watching their friends go on a “picture perfect” vacation and they may begin feeling some jealousy and envious. 

Suicide rates also rise during this time of the year and given these factors it may not seem so surprising.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide rates spike in the spring and to a lesser extent in the fall and not around the holidays as everyone suspects.  There may be several reasons for this.  The seasonal brightness may actually have something to do with this.  The Washington Post recently reported that Harvard Professor of Psychology, Matthew Nock cited a 2014 study published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) Psychiatry.  This study found that as hours of sunlight increased, so did the risk of suicide.  “The authors speculate that sunlight could boost energy and motivation, thus giving people who are depressed the ability to take action and make a suicide attempt,” he wrote.

Depression can manifest as physical symptoms, like headaches, trouble sleeping, stomach complaints to name a few.  Often people don’t know that what they are experiencing is depression.  You may not feel well and don’t know why.  Often people think that something has had to happen to them in order to be depressed or that you can “will” yourself out of it but this is not true.

If you are feeling depressed or are worried about a family member, get help by contacting Hanover Township Youth and Family Services at 630-483-5799.  Our clinicians are available for a free assessment to help you with your concerns.

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 Jungle Flurry Rocked Laurel Hill Elementary!

Jungle flurry 2017 was a total success!!! 45 fifth graders from Laurel Hill Elementary School as well as their teachers and principal participated in Hanover Township Youth and Family Services’ very first Operation Snowball event!   Our teen leaders rocked it out by empowering youth and challenging them to do things they have never done before.  From cheers, to small groups, to teambuilding activities the smiles on these students never stopped!  

Our teen leaders prepared for months to put on this spectacular event which included intense small group trainings and various youth teambuilding conferences. The day began with eager leaders and nervous participants and by the end of the day the participants wanted to start being the leaders. This program had such a powerful impact on the Laurel Hill community that the parents want it to continue and have events like this often. The participants also sat in on a fun and powerful presentation given by the Director of Program Development of Operation Snowball, Ron Jakubisin, discussing how to take healthy risks. The students were attentive and interactive and walked away with some giggles. We can’t wait for our next event! For more information about Hanover Township’s Operation Snowball Programming, please contact Ryan Dickinson at (630)483-5799


 Spring Time Word Find Fun