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Wellness Corner

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mens health

Men’s health is not just a man’s issue. 

The impact men’s health can have on the lives of

wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters, makes it a family issue.


Statistics show that men’s health is at great risk.  On average, men die almost 6 years younger than women and suffer higher mortality rates for the top causes of death. 

Research shows that:

· Men are 100% less likely than women to visit the doctor for annual exams and preventative services.

· Men are dying of the top cases of death at higher rates than women

· Men are more likely to be uninsured than women

· 1 in 2 men are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime compared with 1 in 3 women

· Approximately 30,000 men in the US die each year from  prostate cancer


mens health 2

Eat Healthy

Start by taking small steps like saying no to super-sizing and yes to a healthy breakfast.  Eat many different types of foods to get all the vitamins and minerals you need.  Add at least one fruit and vegetable to every meal.

Get Moving

Play with your kids or grand-kids.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Do yard work.  Play a sport.  Keep walking shoes handy at work and in the car.  Most importantly, choose activities that you enjoy to stay motivated.

Make Prevention a Priority

Many health conditions can be detected early with regular checkups from your healthcare provider.  Regular screenings may include cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, prostate health and more.




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