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Cook County Vehicle Sticker

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Hanover Township sells vehicle stickers for residents and businesses located in unincorporated Cook County on behalf of the County and as an additional service to our residents We recommend that the applicant bring in their vehicle registration cards to our office to help expedite the application process; conversely, the County does send a completed form that you may present with payment. The display date for the 2018-19 Cook County Vehicle Sticker is July 1, 2018. After July 1, there will be a late penalty fee assessed equal to the price of the sticker or $25, whichever is greater. Please contact Administrative Services at (630) 837-0301 for more information.

2018-19 Cook County Vehicle License Fees

Class Motor Vehicles
Annual License Fee
Motor bicycles or motor tricycles
Smaller passenger vehicles with a curb weight under 4,500 pounds
Larger passenger vehicles with a curb weight of at least 4,500 pounds and hearses, ambulances, and privately owned, noncommercial motorized vacation camper of other motorized recreation vehicle  $100.00
No Fee, no expiration date stickers expire when owner sells, trades-in, etc. vehicle. (Eligible vehicles include only those falling into the XSV, XLV or A classes). NF includes the following:
  1. Physically Handicapped Individuals (required proof of registration with the State of Illinois under Chapter 95 1/2, Section 3-616).
  2. Disabled Veterans (required proof of service connected disability).
  3. Seniors are entitled to a maximum of two (2) stickers in the NF class.
  4. School, church and non-profit vehicles with proof of non-profit or church or school status.
  5. Municipal owned vehicles.
No Fee
Privately owned school buses
All non-commercial recreational trailers including boat trailers, snow mobile trailers, horse trailers, camping trailers and other non-commercial, non-motorized recreational trailers including campers  $60.00
All commercial trailers regardless of gross weight in pounds of vehicles maximum load  $150.00

Motor Trucks, Tractor-Semitrailer Units, and Motor Buses

Gross Vehicle Weight
Annual License Fee
Up to 10,000 lbs
10,001 to 20,000 lbs
20,001 to 36,000 lbs (2 or more axles)
36,001 to 50,000 lbs (3 or more axles)
50,001 to 75,000 lbs (4 or more axles)
Transfer Sticker
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